Arts and crafts in one place

About Goleo Swiss

There is a person with vision behind Goleo Swiss: Yuliya Khilko . Our store in Rorschach reflects a passion that goes beyond simple production - it's about the careful selection of products that combine quality and inspiration.

From handcrafted soaps to the finest art supplies, every piece in our range is personally selected by Yuliya and represents our commitment to excellence. We believe that the best products are not always the ones we make ourselves, but those we select with care and to high standards.


We advocate for fair trading conditions that support small producers and workers in developing regions.


We not only offer a stage for emerging talent, but also support them through sponsorship and partnerships.


We strive to offer products that are environmentally friendly and place great emphasis on sustainable operations.

The journey of Goleo Swiss

From the opening of our store at Kirchstrasse 61 in 2020 to the launch of our online shop in 2023, our mission has not changed: we want to bring the beauty and joy of art and crafts into our customers' homes.